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Web-based deployment of CRM is becoming more popular because the upfront investment is often lower than traditional on-premise solutions. As a result, more and more new vendors and products are gradually appearing to the point where finding the right solution for your business is an intimidating task.

Cloud-based CRM can be accessed through the Internet, so it’s easy for all users to retrieve the same information at any time. Storing information in the Cloud means that your team can view customer data wherever you are by accessing the system through a mobile or tablet. Companies with traditional solutions have to purchase and host the server on-premise, and keep an IT team to manage, update and maintain the server.

There are two types of Cloud-based CRM: application service providers (ASPs) and browser-based systems. ASPs operate like a client/server system, with the organisation downloading the client onto their computers, and the vendor hosting the data remotely on a server. On the other hand, browser-based systems can be accessed from any internet browser without any need for a download. Browser-based systems are often preferable because it can be accessed from anywhere, whilst being presented in a familiar format. Though many APIs are web-enabled, allowing users to also access information through a browser, this is often slower than with a browser-based system. ASPs also tend to have a less sophisticated user interface, so functionality is reduced.


What is the Best Cloud CRM?


SalesforceIQ is a Cloud solution suitable for businesses of any size across a variety of industries. Its Relationship Intelligence technology integrates your customer’s data from a variety of sources, such as email communications, phone calls and meetings. The Relationship Intelligence technology captures data automatically, analyses data and patterns to spot opportunities using data science procedures, and drives actions to close more deals. The productive output of Relationship Intelligence is data-driven insights that assist a company or individual’s faculty for understanding, planning, problem solving and communicating.

The solution manages details of both current and prospective customers. It can enter information automatically from emails, calendars and marketing automation systems. Users are able to see if other team members have communicated with contacts.

SalesforceIQ generates automatic reminders, prompting users to follow up in case they forget to respond to emails. This product also contains a Gmail extension. Users can reach out to contacts without toggling between their email boxes and the CRM. You can easily filter your opportunities and identify which deals you should be focussing on. The app also offers an out-of-the-box reporting suite for you to clearly see data-driven insights.

There is a Chrome extension and a mobile application which offer instant access to your CRM data straight from your inbox. Users can easily manage their deals with dynamic scheduling, email shortcuts, and predictive notifications. Mobile apps are available for Android, iOS, Blackberry OS and Windows phones.

The system is priced on a per user per month basis and fully integrates with Pardot, MailChimp and HubSpot.



Freshdesk is a hosted online multi-channel customer support tool. It unites every customer interaction into a centralised interface, and aids customer support agents in addressing and resolving trouble tickets.

One of the key strengths of the solution is its ticket management, which lets tickets be assigned to individual agents depending on what work is required. Freshdesk makes sure that customer support issues quickly reach the correct team member, whether the interaction takes place through email, web chat, social media or over the phone. The system itself is capable of automatically executing certain tasks based upon what an incoming ticket is asking for, therefore it can automatically generate helpful replies to commonly asked questions. This automation can save your team a lot of time.

Freshdesk lets you create a knowledge base to provide your customers with answers to their frequently asked questions. It can also handle incoming tickets directly from both Facebook and Twitter.

The user interface (UI) is easy to navigate through the configuration process, which means that users will be able to get more out of the software. Any questions about the UI should easily be answered as there is a lot of online documentation that the user can access to help them. The ticket page, presumably the most important and highest used part of the system, has all of the information that you are likely to need when assessing and resolving tickets. The ticket’s properties such as priority, status, and the agent to which it’s assigned, are clearly displayed. The tickets can also be edited in place, without any need to edit in a separate view.



ConnectWise PSA is built for small to mid-sized businesses, and can be deployed either in the Cloud or on-premise. The platform allows you to track, manage and maintain every facet of your business from wherever you want. Its Pipeline Reporting function displays information on performance metrics in a dashboard view. The system also tracks and stores all data records related to customers and sales, including client conversations, issues and configurations.

The CRM measures and monitors sales activities so users can forecast sales from within the system. Training is simple through the provided documents and webinars.

ConnectWise also lets you create comprehensive reports tracking relevant metrics. This can provide a clearer view of your organisation and its progress, and show insight into areas in which you could improve.



ProsperWorks is flawlessly integrated with Google Apps, delivering a unified experience in working across some of the most popular apps available, such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Docs. This integration allows for the smooth automation of data, saving time and energy that can be better spent on other more important responsibilities.

The solution also comes with native integration with applications such as Dropbox and MailChimp. You can access hundreds of cloud apps through third party integration with Zapier.

ProsperWorks offers the accurate data you need to make informed business decisions. Its visual reporting and analytics follow sales performance, sales forecasts, and provides visibility into the success of your processes.

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